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Earns points when you participate in polls, petitions and quizzes, and use the points
to bid in the football auctions, and to win prizes by topping the leaderboard.


Football quizzes with rewards

Each week we have the weekly football quiz, a real time quiz that rewards you with points for each question you get correct and with bonus points the higher position you finish.

There are also quizzes just for the team you support, where you can win VIP for one of your teams matches.


Live scores, vidi-printer, fixtures and results

With live score updates, watch the old school vidi-printer getting updates as they happen, Directors’ Box is the only football app that you need to be kept up to date and to be rewarded the more that you use.


Check out your rivals!

Directors’ Box lets you keep an extra close eye on what your rivals are doing!  Are they happy or disappointed with their team and management?  You can see their personal polls and petitions and get a clear view of exactly what is happening.


Original news features and podcasts

Our original football news features are a great read, written by football journalists especially for Directors Box. 

Listen to our weekly podcast hosted by Kevin Harper and Craig Gill.  Our podcasts offers a great insight into the real world of football, each week with a main feature and of course a weekly roundup.



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